At Manheim customer satisfaction is very important.

It's important to us to be able to offer the very best services to make sure you're always satisfied with your purchases from us.

As part of this we:

• Tell you the origin of the vehicles so you do not have to worry
• Carefully inspect every vehicle we present online and provide all the information that we collect about the cars
• Develop technologies so you can always have access to the latest market developments
• Offer the largest range of vehicles for you
• Have Physical centers in Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima.
• Have multiple ways to buy online, so you can bid 24/7 without having to leave your office
• Products exclusive to Manheim
• Offer exclusive access to our Manheim Salvage channel

• Have a dedicated team that are always available to assist you throughout the purchasing process
• Provide the title documentation for every vehicle we sell
• Give you the greatest confidence you are purchasing from a world class organization - Cox Automotive.

Please note that our services are reserved and exclusive to Automotive Dealers duly Registered in Finance.



Our suppliers are very important to our business. We pride ourselves in having partnerships with all our suppliers to maximize the relationship and ensure we can meet all their needs. 

As part of this we:

• Offer a truly professional service throughout the process
• Carefully inspect every vehicle we present online and provide all the information that we collect on every vehicle
• Have physical centers in Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima
• Offer Bangkok centres for collection and storage requirements

• Can arrange collection of vehicles from any point in the country
• Offer multiple ways to sell your vehicles online with daily events
• Guarantee title transfer services so you don't have to worry about taxes or other problems
• Provide you with confidence you are partnering with a world class organization - Cox Automotive


The Physical Auction Experience ... with Real Time Online Transmission

Physical Auction

Manheim Auctions offers all types of vehicles - light passenger or commercial, heavy commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

Physical auctions are held weekly on Wednesday, 10.00am in Bangkok and monthly on Friday, 11.00am in Nakhon Ratchasima, Phisanulok and Chaing Mai.



You cannot attend the Physical auction? Don't worry!

All our physical auctions are transmitted online in real-time through our Simulcast technology that can be accessed everywhere, including Smartphones and Tablets.


Manheim also offers a full grading system (evaluation of vehicles) that identifies any issues with the vehicles, helping you make informed bidding decisions.

Our vehicle condition reports (including damage, reconditioning, faults or missing elements) have been available for Manheim customers since 2011 for both physical and online auctions.

Using a rating system from 0 to 5, it is a simple way to observe the condition of the vehicle and thus be quickly informed when making purchasing decision.

Please note, it is the buyer's responsibility to familiarize himself with our Terms & Conditions and the grading is indicative only and is not subject to any claim by the buyer.

Grading levels at Manheim:

"Traffic Lights" at Manheim

Available since 2010 this unique system is available in our physical auctions, Simulcast and CyberAuctions, and is a  simple observation of a light system to indicate information about the vehicle being offered.

The Manheim traffic lights system gives an alert to the mechanical condition of the vehicle and not to its overall appearance (damage, reconditioning, faults or missing / broken elements).

It is the buyer's responsibility to familiarise himself with the Terms & Conditions at Manheim. The traffic lights are merely indicative and are not subject to any claim by the buyer.


Red Light - Sold as Seen

The red light indicates that the vehicle is sold in the state it is seen and is not subject to any claim by the buyer as stated in the Terms & Conditions of Manheim.

Also included in this category all vehicles under the following conditions:

• Age greater than or equal to 10 years
• More than 200.000km regardless of age
• Sale value of less than € 2,000
• Car Imported
• Salvage
• Car Modified or Special (Taxis, Ambulances, Police)

Light Yellow - Caution

The Yellow light means that the vehicle has a problem duly announced by the auctioneer during the sale of the vehicle.

Includes for example lights lit, or a technical problem referred to by the supplier or identified by Manheim.

Green light - OK

The green light indicates that the vehicle offered for sale has been identified by the vehicle supplier with no problems on mechanical components and Manheim has also failed to identify any anomaly.

Blue light - Endorsement Required

The Blue light indicates that the vehicle will have to be mandatorily endorsed in the buyer's name after the purchase. The buyer must make available to Manheim after payment of the car the necessary documentation for the registration on your behalf.

Please contact us for more information.



Buy Online with Trust!

Manheim offers its customers various ways to buy online:

• Cyberstock
• Simulcast
• CyberAuction
• Salvage Exchange
• RTM - Real Time MarketPlace

We have a specialized team always available that can help in your online bidding and buying.

Our team can help you in all matters and clarify any doubts you may have about the car or access to the system.

We prepare for ALL vehicles offered online a ECR (Electronic Condition Report) where we analyze and present clearly all the vehicle information including Showroom images as well as photos and description of any damage. All vehicles are also assessed according to the Manheim grading system, so you can more simply and effectively, bid with confidence.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions Specific to Online Auction.

We're here to help!

Helplines to Manheim Online Direct:
0 2329 1155, 0 2328 5400 99 Bangkok - Help Line
• e-mail;
Access / Remote Assistance is also available by TeamViewer


Exclusive Access to Salvage vehicles

Manheim offers you access to Salvage Portal with vehicles from insurance companies, Fleet Managers, Rent-a-Car, which are located in various locations in Bangkok.

In our Salvage portal you can easily see all vehicle data and photos of the damage resulting from the accident, accompanied by additional information which will help you bid with confidence and tranquillity.

See Our Terms & Conditions Specific to Salvage Auctions.



  • No annual access fee
  • No deposit value
  • The largest market offer daily
  • Bid values always visible
  • Information about the bids exceeded
  • Detailed information and specifications
  • Specific salvage data fields
  • More information and Rigor
  • Fully Dedicated Support Team and Specialized


New customers, sales and auctions - Call 02 329 1155. (

Buy with confidence!

All cars presented Manheim Auctions are subject to an inspection by our technicians.

This inspection includes:

  • Imagery Showroom: that allows you to see the exterior beauty shots and interior of the vehicle
  • Damage images - picture of the damage, indicating the location and type, so you can know the status of the vehicle
  • Manheim 360 - 360 Photos - Available at the request of the supplier, Manheim 360 provides a more effective visualization of the interior and exterior of the car.
  • Equipment identification - Identify Equipment/ features of the vehicles.
  • Technical Report - available only in vehicles with more than five years or 150.000km - conducted through a test drive, allows the evaluation of the mechanical condition of some components according to specific criteria.
  • Grade Manheim - All vehicles are subject to an assessment of the state of the vehicle 0 (Salvage) to 5 (very good) - for more see the Fact Sheet on the grid. 

As a result we generate the Manheim ECR or CR, where you can see the result of the inspection carried out and all the vehicle's technical information. The Manheim ECR can be accessible on any device through a provided link, and may also be printed or exported to PDF.


ECR Manheim - Description and Images of the Vehicle

ECR Manheim - Detailed damage information and images.

Can you imagine a 360 view of a car Online on all devices?

With Manheim 360 this is possible!

Available in our centres of Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima, our imagery turntables can capture a full 360 view of each vehicle.

This process allows the collection of HD exterior images (two levels) and the car interior in a professional studio.

Then you can observe, rotate, zoom, level switch and see the inside of the vehicles that are available on our website.

Manheim 360 images can also be exported to your web site, or car portals.

See our sales team for more information.


Much more than an Auction ... A Memorable Event!

Every year Manheim holds Special Events / Auctions at its facilities in Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima.

Recognized by customers and suppliers as great moments of business and entertainment. These events include the famous Manheim Highline sales which includes a range of prestigeous stock.

Some of these events are unique and only available by invitation to our selected customers - Exclusive Club Manheim

We also have our Great Summer Party - Manheim Summer Fest, where we hold an outdoor Event / Auction with lots of entertainment, accompanied by a barbecue. This event includes a Manheim Highline sale.

Stay tuned to our calendar of Special Events!

Buyers Fee (including VAT 7%)
Mobile Vehicles (Per unit)
1. 4 wheels vehicle; buyer fee is THB 9,630
2. 6 wheels truck; buyer fee is THB 12,500
3. More than 6 wheels truck /Bus /Tractors/Trailer/ Agriculture Machine and other; buyer fee is THB 16,050
Salvage vehicles (Per unit)
1. 4 wheels vehicle; buyer fee is THB 9,630
2. 6 wheels truck ; buyer fee is THB 12,500
3. More than 6 wheels truck /Bus /Tractors/Trailer/ Agriculture Machine and other; buyer fee is THB 16,050
4. Salvage vehicles with starting price less than THB 20,000 ; buyer fee is THB 4,815
5. Burned out 100% vehicles; buyer fee is THB 4,815
Motorbike (Per unit)
1. Motorbike auction 100 – 499 cc. ; buyer fee is THB 1,650
2. Motorbike auction 500 cc. up ; buyer fee is THB 9,630
Simulcast System (Per unit)
1. Using the Simulcast system, the additional fee is THB 1,420 for all vehicles except motorbike.
2. Motorbike by using the Simulcast system, an additional Buyer Fee of THB 250 applies.